“Emily Worm is a divisive subversion of modern femininity. chaste yet promiscuous, upright in her individuality yet submitted under the thumb of patriarchy, her life tells a story any woman could understand. Emily Worm is an incredible modern teen drama rendition of Marquise Isabelle de Merteuil of *Dangerous Liasions* and is a must see for any girl in the world” -Ash

“A lot” -Linda

“easily in the top 100 emily worms” -Avery

"Emily Worm is loved by many chronically online trying to find their place in this cruel world. She 100% definitely WONT do the entire bag of ketamine, but if she does she’d definitely tell you to find god while she is out of commission. And for that she is wise" -Juliette

"Headless chicken in adult woman's body" -Morgan

“Emily is great at following directions. She’ll always be eager to do something you ask her to do only after the 7th time of asking.” -Glenn

“Emily will take and take and take and take. She has mastered empathy and love and kindness.” -Robert

“Had a sort of unhinged quality that is interesting at first, combined with a catholic exterior that sort of allows her to cover up her dark core with an aura of moralism.

She really cares about what other people think of her, to a neurotic extent that makes her want to force everybody to think she’s right about everything. Which sort of makes her not open to new ideas or ways of thinking, because if she were to do that it would cut against her identity. Basically she stands against her death drive impulse with disavowal, but instead of actually upholding her identity by doing that, she degrades it in all sorts of unconscious ways that seem like shes not in control of completely. Or maybe she is. Who knows.

She cares a lot about seeming 'smart' but misunderstands that the the key to being an intelligent person is epistemic humility, or wanting to know rather than knowing.

Beyond that, interpersonally, the more you get to know the 'real emily', the more she pushes you away with her hedgehog dilemma thing and ends up hurting you. By the time you’re really close, you find the aspects of her that you really enjoyed when you first met her are exhibited less and less” -Linda

“Emily is a good hangout organiser I’d give her a 8/10 for that.“ -Alexis

“The Schirmer arrived in questionable condition and did not serve any particular function, two stars” -Josh (giving two stars because the apparent uselessness of the product may be an artistic statement by the manufacturer)